It’s Raining in August — Summer is Over!

We’ve been quite since June on our blog and are now taking a moment to catch our breath after an amazing (hot) summer with photo shoots across Texas.  It’s been raining cats and dogs throughout Texas, which is bizarre for August — which is the perfect bookend to a very busy month!  Since June 1, we’ve shot 52 Matterport Tours, visited over 20 apartment communities and shot over a dozen homes!

It’s been an exciting time for the Matterport platform as EXTERIOR panoramic tours are now available as well as an official Google Cardboard app for viewing in VR!

Additionally, we’re now launching Google Street View interior tours powered by the RICOH Theta S camera.  We’re currently testing and offering free street view for apartment communities that place an order for Matterport tours during the month of September.  Ask us about it.  We’re having fun with the tool, but don’t believe all the hype.  This little ‘Gadget of the Year’ device does a reasonable job, but with a very low aperture, it lacks the depth of field that you get with the Matterport Camera or traditional DSLR panoramas.  We’ll be posting examples and covering it a bit more in the following months.

Night Photography in Houston, TX

Modern Luxury!  3 Story Clubhouse – over 8,000 SQFT!

This amazing tour really takes advantage of the Matterport Dollhouse functionality as the third floor is only accessible via elevator or staircase.  We’ve contacted Matterport with an idea to tie the ‘MatterTags’ feature in with 360 Exterior Views and changing scenes as we’d love to let our clients ‘use’ elevators to access other floors in a model.  What do you think?

Sample Google Streetview with Ricoh Theta S

Using the default firmware and the Google Streetview App, we snapped a few ‘free’ tours for clients recently.  We’re looking forward to testing the Ricoh Theta S out further by using the native app with it’s HDR functionality that is not found in Google Streetview’s App.  We’re also looking forward to the ‘improved quality’ that the new firmware promises.  I’d love to see a fixed 2.0 aperture camera compensate for depth of field though …. stay tuned! 🙂

I am a bit critical of Google Streetview as I believe that the interface is extremely cumbersome and confusing for visitors.  For photographers, the ability to upload, refine and edit the way that the tour is composed is quite terrible too.  For a platform that has been available for so long, it’s amazing that a photographer does not have the ability to go to a control panel wherein all of their tours can be viewed, reviewed and revised.  For that reason, interior Street View tours are a bit of a gimmick.