Armored Closet Safe Rooms


Armored Closet is a revolutionary tornado shelter and safe room that can be installed within an existing closet in your home!  This incredible product can be installed in an existing residence or as part of a new home from many homebuilders in North Texas — and this is just the beginning!

Owner and Inventor, David Magiera, approached to showcase these amazing products in an interactive explorative manner — the perfect way to show customers that quality in Armored Closet’s amazing product!

New Safe Room Tours:
Sentinel DIY Closet
 | Standard Armored Closet | Small Under-Stair Armored Closet
Interactive Standard Armored Closet/Warehouse Tour | Warehouse Only

Original Safe Room Tours:
Interactive Armored Closet Demo | DFW Warehouse Tour | 4’x6′ Unit in Warehouse