Matterport Training
for REALTORS™ & Photographers

Learn everything you need to know from a Pro!

Matterport Training in Dallas / Fort Worth

We bring the equipment and teach you everything that you need to know to create professional Matterport True3D Spaces!

  • You will be operating the camera throughout the session!
  • Learn about optimal height and levelling with a bubble level.
  • Learn about ideal placement of the camera for consistent navigation and creation of a complete dollhouse.
  • Learn how to capture tight spaces and avoid mirrors.
  • Learn tips for troubleshooting alignment errors.
  • Learn how and when to use 360 Views.
  • You will receive your tour with your branding within 24 hours, collaborator account access to take snapshots, followed by a  ‘Schematic Floorplan.’

2000 – 4000 SQFT
2 – 3 Hours On-Site

$199 Scan Fee
+$100 Training Fee per person.

4000 – 6000 SQFT
3 – 4 Hours On-Site

$299 Scan Fee
$100 Training Fee per person.

This amazing home was scanned by a Broker in North Texas.  In our three hour session, we encountered alignment errors caused by the rims of a stand up washing machine as well as how to scan right in front of an angled mirror without capturing the Matterport Camera in the shot!

The results look like they were shot by a pro!

Easy enough for ANYONE TO USE?

If I were to write a book about using the Matterport Camera, it would be entitled: ‘Ten Things I Wish I Knew when I bought My Matterport.’

Alignment errors, holes in floors and walls and erratic spacing of scans can result in tours that just don’t feel or look quite right. 

Are you interested in using ‘snapshots’ to create high quality stills?  There’s an art to placing the camera in the right spots to get the best results!  

In just a few hours, I’ll cover all everything you need to know to scan like a pro… or better!  And if you’re ready, I’ll connect you with Matterport to purchase your own Pro-2 or Pro-2 Lite Camera.

It’s also easy-to-use Matterport’s technical support forums to find answers to why things didn’t go as smoothly as you expected! 🙂

Meet Chris Hickman, Matterport 3D Trainer

Chris Hickman is Metroplex360’s primary photographer and has been providing photography services throughout Texas since 2008.  

Chris purchased his first Matterport camera in September 2015 and has created over  600 Matterport Spaces.  He has a built a team of amazing photographers that work directly with Metroplex360 clients as well as ‘throwing on the team jersey’ for many national agencies to fulfill their Matterport and photography needs in North Texas.

Chris is a leader in the Matterport Community, a moderator of the Official Matterport User Group, was a nominee for ‘Service Partner of the Year’ (2018) and the winner of the 2018 Matterport Community Leader Award.  

He communicates frequently with the amazing staff at Matterport, participating in software testing, field testing and making contributions to the Matterport Software Development Kit (SDK).  

He is the author of: