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Matterport 3D Spaces capture real world places and bring them to life on the Internet.

Matterport 3D is a next level marketing and documentation tool that increases engagement, builds emotional attachment and differentiates your business from others.  A Matterport 3D space is also an amazing tool for training, documenting and creation of 3D assets for 3D Modelling and BIM.   It’s a killer marketing tool.

Metroplex 360 has captured over 1,400 spaces since 2015 including residential real estate, apartments and leasing centers, commercial real estate, construction spaces, student living, restaurants, retail and hospitality.  We do it all!

Why Metroplex360?  We are dedicated to delivering the best value in Matterport 3D in Texas while building a team of that shares a passion for quality 3D Capture.   Each team member has the Matterport Pro-2, delivering superior image quality and image resolution.  

We use method scanning, a capture method that is highly detail oriented and focuses on consistency in navigation, increased viewing angles for taking 2D snapshot images and a perfect 3D dollhouse view without missing sections, holes or artifacts.  We spend a little bit longer onsite to ensure that our product reaches its full potential.

In addition to Matterport Pro-2 scans, we also offer “Pro-Grade 3D” scans using the industry grade Leica BLK 360 LIDAR scanner in order to deliver accurate BIM / CAD assets.

Founder, Chris Hickman, was nominated for Matterport Service Partner of the Year in 2018 and won  Community Leader of the Year!   We were the first service partner in Texas to offer scans using the Matterport Pro-2 and Leica BLK 360.  We’re trend setters!

How it Works

Give us a call (888-638-7360) or use our online contact form!  We will answer any questions that you may have concerning the home, business or space that you would like captured with Matterport True3D.  We’ll arrange a time that fits your schedule and discuss the best way for us to access your space.

A field tech will arrive at the agreed upon time and quickly review the space before beginning the capture process. 

We capture spaces at about 1,500 SQFT per hour using a Method Scanning – a process that provides consistent navigation and a superior product.

When the job is done, we take the data and submit it to be processed by Matterport.

We add your contact information and enhance the space by adding a highlight reel with quick access to important spots inside of the tour.  

We can also enhance your tour with room labels on the floorplan mode and interactive “Mattertags” that contain more text, images and videos to provide more information about a particular area. 

You’ll receive a notification from us when your tour is ready along with a link that you can use to embed the tour in your website and share it to social media. 

We also provide an MLS-compliant version if you are a Realtor and would like to use your tour on the MLS.

We can also provide a special version of your tour with your headshot or company logo, a mini map and other features powered by, which was developed by us to add new features to tours.

We’ll follow-up with you to make sure that you were satisfied with your Matterport Space and send a payment request for services rendered.  

We’re always happy to answer any questions you have.   

Example of a Matterport Pro-2 Tour with a Realtor avatar and mini map.

Included with our Matterport 3D Spaces

3D Dollhouse

Perfectly captured.

3D Walkthrough

Consistent navigation.

Print-Ready Floorplans

Available for just $20

Mattertag Annotations

Embed pictures, video and text.

Share Anywhere

Your site, syndication and social media.
Experience in VR

Experience in VR

Oculus Go, Daydream, Cardboard, Gear VR

Matterport Pro-2 3D Pricing

Tours are delivered within 24 hours and feature free hosting powered by the Matterport Cloud.

Small Spaces

  • Up to 1000 SQFT
  • 360 Views of Exterior x 2
  • Schematic Floorplans - $20.00
  • Mattertag Annotations - $4.00/ea
  • Room Labels - $5.00
  • Google Street View - $29.00

Standard 3D Tour

$ 239
  • Up to 2,000 SQFT
  • 360 Views of Exterior x 2
  • Schematic Floorplans - $20.00
  • Mattertag Annotations - $4.00/ea
  • Room Labels - $5.00
  • Google Street View - $29.00

Large 3D Tour

$ 299
  • Up to 3,500 SQFT *
  • 360 Views of Exterior x 2
  • Schematic Floorplans - $20.00
  • Mattertag Annotations - $4.00/ea
  • Room Labels - $5.00
  • Google Street View - $49.00

Pro-Grade 3D

$ 799
  • Up to 10,000 SQFT *
  • Leica BLK 360 + Matterport Pro 2
  • Schematic Floorplans - $40.00
  • Mattertag Annotations - $4.00/ea
  • CAD Assets - $99.00 / ea
  • Google Street View - $99.00

A $75 fee will be charged for each 100 miles beyond DFW Airport, George Bush International Airport, or Seattle-Tacoma International Airport .

Value Bundles for Realtors – Combine Photos, Matterport and Floorplans – 2000 SQFT / $299, 3500 SQFT / $360, 5000 SQFT / $375. (See below for more details)
Multi-Family Bundle Discounts – $100 / 1BR, $125 / 2BR, $149 / 3BR, $239 / 4BR – Minimum Order: 5 Spaces/Community + Photography.
Home Builder Bundle Discounts – $0.08/sqft when ordering photography – Minimum Order: 2 Homes within same zip code.
Matterport 3D Slideshow – $149 – Capture Highlights from a Community / Retail Space without a 3D Walkthrough Experience.

Value Bundles for Residential Real Estate

Web/MLS and High Resolution images provided.
24-48 hour delivery guaranteed on photography.

2000 SQFT

24 DSLR Photos + Floorplans
$ 299
  • Matterport Pro-2 Tour
  • 24 DSLR Photos
  • Printable Floorplan
  • Aerial Photography Add for $99

3500 SQFT

32 DSLR Photos + Floorplans
$ 360
  • Matterport Pro-2 Tour
  • 32 DSLR Photos
  • Printable Floorplan
  • Aerial Photography Add for $99

5000 SQFT

36 DSLR Photos + Floorplans
$ 425
  • Matterport Pro-2 Tour
  • 32 DSLR Photos
  • Printable Floorplan
  • Aerial Photography - Add for $99

Training for Realtors & Brokers

Are you considering purchasing a Matterport Camera?  We’ll bring the equipment and train you to capture homes in 3D.
Learn More >>  

Matterport Pro-Grade 3D for CAD & Documentation

Pro-Grade 3D Tours are scanned for detailed completion of the 3D MESH for generation of high quality CAD assets including an OBJ file, Point Cloud, and textured floorplans and reflected ceiling plans.  

The use of the BLK 360 camera (if applicable) allows for increased 3D accuracy and the ability to capture large, open spaces with tall ceilings (up to 60m).  The BLK 360 also allows capture of areas such as interior courtyards or light that is streaming through windows.

Pro-Grade 3D Tours include an increased number of scans will create more vantage points for generation of 2D snapshot imagery.

Accuracy for BIM Models from from Leica BLK 360 scans is approximately 6mm per 10m.   

We are able to provide multiple sets of CAD assets based on sectioning of a space into separate areas.  This can save a huge amount of time with editing and offers exceptional value.   Sectional models are available for an additional $49/ea.  An additional $99 fee applies for generation of CAD assets.

See Our Work

Matterport Pro-2  Tours for Realtors

  • Dazzle sellers with 24-7 Open House that they can view wherever they are!
  • Automatic syndication with and priority placement on
  • Post to the MLS, Social Media and Newsletters
  • Printable Floorplans with Measurements
  • Impress sellers and win more listings!

Matterport for Home Builders

  • Showcase your model home to out-of-state buyers
  • Turn each spec home into an online model.

Matterport Pro-2 Tours for Builders

Matterport Pro-1 Tours of Model Homes

Matterport for Apartment Management

  • Pre-lease unavailable floorplans
  • Provide online community tours

Clubhouse Tours

Apartment Tours

The Mansions 3Eighty Project / Little Elm

The Estates 3Eighty Project / Little Elm

The Mansions Wylie Project

The Mansions McKinney Project

Dallas / Plano / Irving Apartment MATTERPORT TOURS

Denton / Collin County Matterport Tours

Tarrant County / Fort Worth / Arlington / Grand Prairie Matterport Tours

Austin / Round Rock / Pflugerville Matterport Tours

Houston / Magnolia / Woodlands Apartment Matterport Tours


San Antonio Apartment Matterport Tours

East Texas Apartment Matterport Tours

Restaurant Tours:


Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality:

Matterport 3D Pro-2 Tours for Commercial Real Estate:

For large commercial listings for full floor office leases, Matterport 3D Tours are amazing.  We offer $0.075/sqft rates on tours over 8000 SQFT and provide custom solutions such as complete structural scans with individual room ‘peeks’ in order to complete the 3D model walls, but economize by skipping the necessary scans to complete the floor textures.

Call us for a customized quote based on your large-scale projects.

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