Interactive Floorplans

Interactive Floorplans / Furniture Planner

Web and Mobile Responsive

EasyIFP was the first non-flash, web-based responsive Interactive Floorplan that is compatible with both personal computers and mobile devices.  Keyboard, Mouse and Touch Screen enhanced!

Interactive Floorplan

Show prospects all available options in each of your homes.  Add elevations, photo hotspots, a video or Matterport Tour.  Features printable brochures and furniture planner!

Perfect for Homebuilders!

Furniture Planner

Choose our furniture planner only option, still at the same great price! Allow prospective tenants to design their living spaces, save, send to a friend or print! It’s an amazing tool!

Great for Apartment Communities!


Setup Fee / Custom Theme

Furniture Planner Only
$50 per Apartment / Home

Interactive Floorplans
Single Story Home – $75 *
Two Story Home – $95 *

Additional Options 

Photo/Video/Matterport Hotspots

Colored Floorplans

Interactive Floorplans include up to 16 options. Additional options at additional cost.

EasyIFP is provided as a hosted solution.  There are no subscription fees.  All customers receive regular updates.


Standard Features

  • HTML5 / jQuery Solution
  • Touch Controls — Compatible with Touch Interface and Pinch Zoom Gestures
  • Responsive Design — Fits to any width / height — even full screen!
  • Photo Hotspots — Embed photographs to plans and options.
  • Matterport Hotspots — Add a Matterport 3D Tour!
  • Video Hotspots — Add a Video Tour!
  • Furniture Planner — Over 60 Different Furniture Pieces
  • Print Plan — with Preview Window and 3 Page Print Out Format
  • Load / Save — Interactive Floorplans with E-mail Notification
  • Personalize — with Company Logo, Colors and Column Width
  • Embed — in Your Website or Pop-Up Window / New Tabs

IFP Features

  • Elevations — Show elevation options with pop-up images
  • Custom SQFT Calculator – Shows SQFT as options are added/removed
  • Option Groups – Color-Coded groups to designate a single choice with multiple options.
  • Option Links – Some options only work when they work together!
  • Option Disable – Some options do not work together! Turning on one option will disable other options and gray them out.
  • Option Shift – Allow one option to shift the position of other options when enabled.
  • Option Priority – Some options will need to always be on top of others.

Smart Options

Smart Option Logic!
Our Smart Options logic is built to handle complex chain reactions through recursive programming. Click an option that adds another option that removes another option that removes something that is dependent on it. No problem!

Smart Photo Hotspots
Add photo hotspots that depend upon a certain option to be enabled.  No problem!


v3.6 – 20170528

  • Support for Unlimited Floors
  • Horizontal Floorplan Flipping
  • Floorplan Selection in-App

v3.5.23 – 20170104

  • Fixed bug on load that shows floor toggles for single floor IFPs
  • Client name now appears as sender name when sending e-mails

v3.5.22 – 20161231

  • Proportionality tool can now automatically save proportion directly to the configuration file.

v3.5.21 – 20161220

  • Fixed Footer Height Calculation when CSS ‘top’ is on #footer #controls
  • Fixed max zoom to 100% as > causes excessive slow down on Chrome

v3.5.20 – 20161216

  • Tweaked auto-fit calculation to include footer in non-standard templates with absolute positioning

v3.5.19 – 20161207

  • Disabled sharpen filter for mobile due to color and performance problems

v3.5.18 – 20161109

  • Tweaks to Download / Print / Share screen for mobile.
  • Fixed furniture controls tip z-index to not show above furniture menu

v3.5.17 – 20161020

  • Furniture Selection now fully responsive

v3.5.16 – 20160908

  • Forced furniture tools to bottom center on mobile.

v3.5.15 – 20160607

  • Added ‘community’ variable for Multi-Family
  • Floors without options do not show in the option list
  • Furniture rotation/delete tools appear by mouse cursor
  • EasyIFP can now be embedded on SSL websites without error

v3.5.14 – 20160502

  • Added Matterport Hotspots
  • Added Matterport and Video Support

v3.5.13 – 20160424

  • Fixed save after load.
  • Forced rotation to always be 0 – 359

v3.5.12 – 20160127

  • Fixed column height issues due to $(document).height instead of $(window).height

v3.5.11 – 20160114

  • Changed New Tab/Window Pop-ups to appear using fancyBox overlay
  • Added mobile layout for Sharing Screen
  • Furniture Options Pop-Up now fixed to bottom left (easier)
  • Furniture Options now shows the dimensions of the selected piece.
  • Fixed Floorplan Options Button showing up on plans w/o options (room planner only)
  • Fixed Empty Tooltip appearing at top of left column area on load.
  • Fixed footer from partially disappearing off page in Safari iOS

v3.5.10 – 20160112

  • Fixed auto resize on load to work with both w/h depending on largest difference.
  • Restyled Select Furniture Modal Window

v3.5.9 – 20151105

  • Added tooltips to options with text exceeding given area

v3.5.8 – 20151020

  • Fixed problem with toggling options responding to both click/touchstart

v3.5.7 – 20151002

  • Hotspots can now be disabled by options: disableHotSpot: # (Only available for a single option to toggle — cannot be stacked.)

v3.5.6 – 20150921

  • Mobile – Photo Hotspots now work.
  • Mobile – Fixed Overscroll

v3.5.5 – 20150903

  • Load / Save modal windows replaced with SweetAlert dialogs
  • Removed invalid help text in furniture modal.
  • Furniture rotate/delete box disappears after 5 seconds.
  • Added debug keys for pixel shifting plan: 7 = X + 0.5px, 8 = Y + 0.5px, 9 = X,Y + 0.5px, 0 = reset

v3.5.4 – 20150831

  • Added parameter – ?view=0 (First Floor), 1 (Second Floor), 2 (Both)
  • Zoom now zooms from center of floorplan always. Bug Fix!!

v3.5.3 – 20150825

  • Hotspots on Multiple Floor Plans

v3.5.2 – 20150820

  • Kill before Add to resolve conflicts.
  • Tweaked initial zoom to 0.85
  • Added Photo Hotspots

v3.5.1 – 20150819

  • ‘Add’ logic will now skip if a compatible radio option is selected
  • Zoom controls now increment by 0.1 instead of exponential values
  • Zoom controls now increment by 0.1 instead of exponential values

v3.5 – 20150726

  • Added Furniture Pop-Up with Rotate and Delete Controls
  • Replaced Furniture Handles
  • Replaced Drag/Drop Trash Can!
  • Furniture Planner available in all floorplan modes
  • Second floor shown below first floor.

Planned Features

  • Hotspot Icon with arrow to indicate direction user will see.
  • View Full Screen button to jump out of IFRAME.
  • URL Shortening for social share links
  • Color Picker for Furniture
  • ‘Custom’ Furniture Option (Resizeable Box)
  • Add move to top button for furniture pieces.