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Update your Exterior Imagery and add an Inside Tour

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Google Street View is used by millions to learn about where your business is located and provides a critical first impression.

As a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, we offer both street level and inside panoramic photography to enhance your business listings.  

Street level photography updates how people see you on Google Street View while also feeding information to Google that improves the accuracy of their maps, adds new streets, improves positioning of businesses and imagery.  Street View imagery is used on residential and commercial real estate listing sites, event booking websites and municipal websites as a definitive source of visual information.


The New NCTech iStar Pulsar

  • Accurately Captured Imagery with GPS Data
  • Updates Google Street View Imagery
  • 11K 360 degree panoramic images
  • Developed by Intel, Google and NCTech.
  • Captures based on position for consistent spacing between each position of the tour.
The iStar Pulsar is the perfect tool for updating storefronts, or mapping large outdoor areas such as parks, historic sites,  the interiors of apartment communities and new land development.

The Matterport Pro-2 3D Camera

  • Imagery captured at every 4-5 Feet.
  • Posted to Google at 8192 x 4096
  • 3D Tour for your website at 16,384 x 8,192
  • 10 – 14 second 3D Video to post to Google.
  • Interior Floorplans created 
  • Embed into a WordPress Site with our plugin!

The Matterport Pro-2 accurately captures high resolution imagery that is automatically and accurate positioned for inside tours using 3D Capture as GPS is inaccurate inside.

Metroplex360 founder, Chris Hickman with Charles Armstrong (Product Manager, Google Street View) and Alin Bugeag (GoThru, Owner) and at Google Street View Summit 2018.

We were invited to attend Google Street View Summit in 2018 and were among the first to be invited into the new ‘pro grade’ program.

Pro Grade uses certified equipment with accurate GPS to enhance Google’s actual street level imagery.  It is also used with deep learning to provide geospacial data to maps as well as statistics for computer learning.

We are excited to be providing our clients with the ability to add roads to Google Maps within private apartment and single family communities, new land development and update business store fronts (especially when their store front shows a former tenant).

We believe that providing pro grade capture to our clients will increase their visibility, solve accessibility problems and enhance existing imagery.

Google Street View "Inside" Tour Pricing

Google Street View and Matterport 3D Tours are delivered within 48 hours.

Standard Tour

$ 239
  • Up to 2,000 SQFT
  • Captured in 3D
  • Free Matterport Tour
  • Floorplans - $15.00
  • Up to 8 Outside Panos

Large Tour

$ 349
  • Up to 3,500 SQFT *
  • Captured in 3D
  • Free Matterport Tour
  • Floorplans - $15.00
  • Up to 12 Outside Panos

Expansive Tour

$ 549
  • Starting at 8,000 SQFT *
  • Captured in 3D
  • Free Matterport Tour
  • Floorplans - $15.00
  • Up to 16 Outside Panos

Street View

$ 150
  • Up to 1/8 Mile of Data **
  • 4 Meter Spacing
  • Hosted by Google
  • Panoramas Available
  • Updates Google Maps

A $75 fee will be charged for each 100 miles beyond DFW Airport, George Bush International Airport, or Seattle-Tacoma International Airport .

We offer volume discounts for home builders and multi-family property management companies.  For more information, contact us.

Additional Services

 Boutique DSLR Photo Package
$49 – Exterior (2) + 4 Interior Images

Business Interior Photos Package
$125 – Up to 24 Images

$15 per person (3 Images)

Matterport 3D Tour
Free with all Google Street View purchases.

Floorplan with Measurements

3D Teaser Video to Upload to Google
Free on request!

 Support Services for Google Photographers

Google Street View Tour Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

A “Google Street View Tour” in the context of your business is a collection of linked 360 “panospheres” that can be found in the imagery gallery connected to Google Maps.  Panospheres contain connections to other panospheres and provide viewers the ability to take walkthrough tour.

The tour is created by a photographer who captures the data and uploads it to Google by using a 3rd party product such as Matterport or GoThru.

There is a large range of cameras that can produce 360 panospheres.  The Ricoh Theta S and V are inexpensive consumer cameras that many low priced Google Street View photographers use.  Hallmarks include low resolution, lack of depth of field and substandard image quality. 

We use the Matterport Pro-2 3D Camera.  This amazing camera provide “DSLR quality” images (136 megapixel!) and generate a standalone 3D tour for our clients’ websites — and is the first and only camera on the market that uses 3D sensors to perfectly align panoramas accurately for accurate space 

With the Matterport Pro-2 Camera, each panorama is perfectly positioned and connected with flawless accuracy thanks to 3D technology. 

We publish our panospheres at 8,192 x 4,096 and we optimize quality to result in file sizes that are under 1.6MB.

Google stopped optimizing panoramic imagery in 2017 and tours load slower than they used to as tiling is no longer used.  Thus, photographers must upload optimized imagery to Google, which means that 136 megapixels = slow loading tours!  Ouch!  

We are thrilled that by using Matterport Pro-2 Cameras, we can provide our clients the highest quality walkthrough tour for their website as well as a lower quality, street view compatible version.

Accordion Content

In May 2017, Google announced that they will be adding true 3D tours to Google Street View under the name ‘Street View VR Ready’. 

In May 2018, Google silently removed ‘VR Ready’ as well as ‘Workflow Ready’, ‘Car Ready’ and other terminology from their program.  It is uncertain if these concepts are being saved for the future or if they have been sunset.

VR Ready “is” a concept where 3D geometry data will be added to Google Street View Inside Tours to create a 3D Model — similar to a Matterport 3D Tour.

A 3D model allows for enhanced transitions between each image as well as an understanding of where boundaries like doors exist.  This provides a more realistic tour experience and provides a higher level of credibility to the imagery.

The entry point to a Google Street View Tour is from the ‘See Photos’ link on your businesses listing.  You can also enter your tour by dropping the ‘pegman’ on your building in Google Maps.  In some instances, your tour may be linked to the actual street to where someone playing around with Google Street View can navigate into your business.

You can also choose to embed your GSV tour on your website.  Our clients receive BOTH a Google Street View and Matterport Tour.  We believe that Matterport Spaces are much easier to navigate, load faster, and are an overall better product.  Therefore, we recommend using the Matteport Tour for your website.

Yes, but surprisingly for Google, the statistics are anything but accurate.

Google will add a ‘view’ every time your business is loaded on maps and the image gallery appears.  Basically, the stats are based on the number of times a thumbnail image is ‘requested’.  What’s even sillier is that the thumbnail doesn’t even have to appear on a user’s screen – let alone be clicked.  Don’t trust Google’s statistics.

If your tour has been “viewed 10,000 times” — that’s really just the number of times that a thumbnail was pulled from a database query.  It’s not a useful metric.

Google Street View has arrow-based navigation on mobile, and ‘X’ marks the spot navigation on desktop.  The X marks the spot navigation, aka pancake navigation, is truly difficult to use and we recommend using your keyboard to navigate your tour on desktop.  Your Matterport tour will not have these issues as it uses a 3D environment to allow smooth navigation between imagery.

Despite submitting a carefully positioned and strategically connected tour to Google, the ‘pancake navigation’ system will allow viewers to walk directly through walls.  This is a limitation caused by Google’s platform.  This does not happen with Matterport as Matterport’s 3D environment uses walls as barriers and obeys logical navigation.

Not really.

Previously, Google Trusted Photographers were able to set the starting point for tours.  Google has taken this ability away from us and instead is using ‘Computer AI’ to automatically select this.  This is obviously either a complete lie or their ‘AI’ is not intelligent at all as more often than not, the starting point for tours makes absolutely no sense. 

Because of this, we use known hacks to limit the # of possible starting points by removing your business’s name from all panoramas except those that would be logical starting points.

Google used to allow Google Trusted Photographers to set the default thumbnails and their position on Google Street View.  They took this away and now show the ‘North’ facing view for a random thumbnail.  Often this means showing a wall.

It can be hard for people to find your tour.  For years, Google would add a highly visible ‘See Inside’ thumbnail to a business’s listing when they had a Google Street View Business View tour.  This entry point had INCREDIBLE value and was the #1 angle that Google Trusted Photographers used to market their services.

Now, tours are mixed in with the photo gallery for a business.  As a community of photographers, we are hounding Google about this, but Google simply says that it’s not coming back.

One way to get around this is to use your Google Business (G+) page and post a new post every week containing the starting point for your tour.  This information will display first on your infograph for a limited time.

With all of these issues with Google’s platform, you may think twice about getting a GSV Tour.  While we do absolutely everything we can to create the best Google Street View tours that the platform currently allows — there are some issues with the platform currently.

We believe in being very honest about Google Street View and setting realistic expectations.  In fact, Google asks us to be transparent and accountable:

So with that being said:

The product that Google offered until Spring 2017 was excellent.  The product they now offer is not.

Google essentially killed off Street View for Businesses and migrated the imagery into the same bucket that anyone with a cell phone uploads their restaurant selfies through.

Panoramic imagery uploads do differ as they contain geo-coordinates and information about how they connect together.  These band aids allow what used to be Google Street View tours to still exist and function.

What’s different?

The new system is band-aided together.  Images are no longer optimized by Google and tilesets are no longer created — therefore, images must be uploaded pre-optimized for both desktop and mobile.  Thus, we favor mobile and the ideal size is 8,192 x 4096 or less.

From observation, nearby panoramas no longer preload and connections load as each panorama loads.

There’s no longer integration with your business’s infography and the entry point is now buried in Google Maps – or the image carousel for your business.

All panoramic images appear by default, and thumbnails are warped and strange.


It is our HOPE that Google will address all of these issues and that any tours purchased from us and other vendors will increase in value over time as new features are rolled out.  We love what we were able to provide for clients and we’d like to be able to continue to deliver the same level of services in the future.

This is why we provide a Matterport Pro-2 with every Google Street View Tour.

Essentially, when you order a Google Street View tour from, we are selling you a Matterport Pro-2 tour and providing the Google Street View tour for free.  We believe that by doing this, we are delivering exceptional value to our customers.