Exponential Growth for Matterport 3D Spaces fueled by ‘Lite’ Option

Today, Matterport announced their new ‘Cortex’ AI-powered image-processing software. This amazing new technology allows consumer level ‘one-shot’ cameras to be used to build to create Matterport 3D Spaces.

The new ‘entry-level’ solution creates the same 3D Dollhouse and Floorplan modes for clients who don’t require the accuracy, performance and image quality of Matterport’s professional products.

At Metroplex360, we have had the joy of beta testing Matterport’s new technology and finding interesting use-cases to augment our existing products.

Matterport Cortext Provides New Solutions for Capture

This is an example of a 3D Space of an as-built garage that was captured with the Matterport Pro-2 Camera. Due to direct sunlight interference with the infrared sensors, sections of the space are missing their 3D MESH. This is visible in dollhouse and floorplan modes and also creates a strange shimmering effect while navigating in walkthrough mode:

This is the same space with professional 134 megapixel imagery captured as a panorama and synthesized using Cortext technology. Note that all missing sections are complete:

Matterport Cortex Solves Capture Problems

With Cortex technology as a tool that augmenst our existing offerings, we will be able to tackle complex solutions that often fail 3D capture including:

  • Large Open Areas – The Infra-red sensors on the Matterport Pro-2 Camera have a limited range of 6 – 10 meters. This can create difficulties when capturing large open spaces. By using Cortex, we can align the same, high quality imagery, using image-processing to align when out of range for 3D Scanning
  • Small Spaces – When capturing a full 3D model, the Pro-2 Camera can have difficulty fitting into smaller spaces due to the span of the tripod and the device itself. With the ability to add scans from a smaller camera mounted to a monopod, we are able to add views in tight spaces that were impossible before.
  • Sunlight – As demonstrated above, the Pro-2 camera’s infra-red sensor cannot penetrate direct sunlight, thus creating holes in 3D models where sunlight is present. This can happen when there is a large window without blinds or if there is an open garage space. This also happens when capturing patio areas where sun is unevenly streaming into the space. With Cortex image-processing, these areas can be filled in and captured without alignment issues.
  • Image Distortion – The Matterport Pro-2 camera creates amazing 134 megapixel imagery, but struggles with objects that are too close to it’s image sensor. This is often seen when the camera is close to the rails in a staircase or a window with multiple sections. The result is that images are sometimes mangled. By using alternate cameras that have less problems with short range capture, we are able to serve customers with high expectations image fidelity. While imagery may fall short of the quality of the Pro-2 camera, it may make the difference between an accurate representation of a product and one that compromises the subject.

Matterport Cortex is the Tip of the Iceberg

With the combination of 3D Scanning and AI-powered image processing for generation of 3D models, we are excited about Matterport’s continued dedication for innovation and the increasing strength of their 3D Showcase platform. We expect to see increased interest in multiple markets creating more demand and opportunity to use Matterport 3D Showcase as a marketing and documentation tool for our existing and new clients.

Metroplex360 is an innovator in applying Matterport 3D Technology to solving the problems of our clients. We were the first service provider in Texas to obtain and begin using the high-resolution Matterport Pro-2 3D Camera and the first service provider to offer and provide 3D Capture with Leica’s BLK360 LIDAR Camera.

Founder, Chris Hickman, is also the author of mpembed (https://mpembed.com), a leading solution for enhancing and extending the capabilities of Matterport’s 3D Showcase platform by using the Matterport SDK to provide new experiences within Matterport Spaces.

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