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In Keller, TX,  70 for-sale houses reduced their prices in the last 30 days. That’s nearly 1/4 of the homes currently on the market.

Our research shows that 3D tours do give house sellers and their Realtors an edge.  But we’re always surprised to see that tours for some homes immediately get 10x more attention than their very similar peers. We’ve also found that 3D tour popularity correlates strongly with how quickly a home finds a buyer.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re fanatical about creating great 3D tours. In addition, here are a few FREE services we offer to help our Realtor friends get the word out.

  1. Thanks to Matterport, we automatically syndicate your 3D tours to Realtor.com and Homes.com. Yay! You don’t have to do a thing!
  2. We hound you to add your 3D tours to the MLS because this makes your tours appear alongside photos on Redfin. (Have you heard that Redfin’s traffic grew by 28% last quarter?) You can do so by pasting the tour URL into the “virtual tour” field on the listing input form.
  3. Why not encourage your sellers to share their homes’ 3D tours on social media, and send it to friends, family, colleagues, neighbors…  In addition to promoting their listings, it gets your name in front of more folks. If you’d like, we can now add your photo or logo to your tours! Just ask!
  4. We hope you, too, will consider sharing your 3D tours on your personal and professional Facebook pages. Ask your office if they’d like to share tours on their Facebook page. If other agents are hosting your open houses, or if you know of colleagues whose buyer clients are interested in your listings’ neighborhoods, we can provide unbranded tours for sharing through their social media accounts.
  5. Speaking of open houses, bring an iPad or some virtual reality goggles and fire up your 3D tours. It sounds silly to explore a house virtually while being inside the house physically, but the experience will be more memorable than seeing yet another granite kitchen counter. As folks walk out the door, hand them a flyer that includes your tour URL so they can continue to consider your listing after they get home. If you’d like, we can help create a memorable short URL (or even a QR Code) for easy sharing.
  6. When following up with open house guests or agents who have keyed in, include links to your 3D tours to refresh their memory on your listings. Again, we can create short URLs that clearly reference the property addresses.
  7. Did you know that you can embed 3D tours on your website or blog? It’s easier than it sounds and we’re here to help!
  8. If you send out email newsletters or “just listed”/’just sold” postcards, include a link to your tour in these materials. And don’t forget to use your 3D tours in listing presentations. Have we mentioned that we offer free hosting, so that your tours will ALWAYS be available for ongoing marketing?
  9. Matterport tours can also be a great time saving tool when you’re working with buyers. During your initial meeting, you can learn a lot about your new client’s preferences by walking through a few 3D tours together. This is particularly helpful for out-of-area buyers who are unfamiliar with the local housing inventory. Later this year, we’ll be releasing a tool that allows you to watch a tour remotely as it’s being navigated by a client!
  10. As a thank you after each listing, why not contact any builders, architects, contractors, home inspectors and stagers who have been involved with the home and offer them the opportunity to use your 3D tour for their marketing? We can help highlight vendors’ and partners’ work through Mattertags.

Oh, and if you don’t currently have 3D tours in your arsenal, talk to us. You’ll be glad you did 🙂

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