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We Create.

Showcase your property with an amazing 3D walkthrough complete with dollhouse views, floorplans and annotations.

Stunning, high resolution HDR photography for marketing and documentation.  We do aerials too!

Street Level imagery to add new roads, update existing imagery and interior tours to enhance Google Business Listings.

Industries Served

Residential Real Estate

Builders, owners and real estate professionals of single family homes, townhouses and condos to attract and engage buyers.

Commercial Real Estate

Owners, managers and leasing professionals for office, retail, industrial and co-working spaces to simplify portfolio management.

Multi-Family Apartments

Builders, investors and property managers of conventional, tax credit and student living properties for leasing and inventory tracking.

Cultural Spaces and Public Facilities

Facility management and public outreach staff at museums, schools, churches, libraries, government offices for marketing communication and internal archival of information.

Retail and Hospitality

Owners and operators of restaurants, retail stores, hotels and event venues to promote rentals and attract visitors.

Engineering & Construction

Providers and users of professional services for land development, new construction, renovations, tenant build out and interior design to facilitate collaboration and provide documentation.

Matterport True 3D Tours

We capture real world places and bring them to life on your website, social media and many listing services.  Whether you’re promoting a business, selling a home or renting commercial business space,  there is nothing like Matterport 3D.  It’s like being there.

Our team is equipped with the latest generation Pro-2 cameras.  We use method scanning — a strict set of standards that provides consistent results, natural navigation, and the highest quality scans in the industry.

On January 24, 2018, Metroplex360 founder, Chris Hickman, was recognized by Matterport with a Service Partner of the Year nomination and Community Leader Award in February 2018.  We are now piloting a Matterport Training Program from Realtors in North Texas.

Matterport True 3D + Leica BLK 360

Take Matterport Spaces to the next level with industrial level scanning power by Leica.

The Leica BLK 360 compliments Matterport 3D Scans by allowing scanning of large spaces and outside areas.  With massive range and incredible accuracy, we are able to provide accurate point clouds and 3D assets alongside a 3D Walkthrough tour that can be used for documentation and CAD.

Quick Facts:

  • 360,000 Points per Second
  • 3 – 4 Minutes per Scan (HDR2/Med)
  • Integrates with Matterport Tours
  • Accuracy to 3mm
  • Generates Point Cloud Files for AEC

$0.05/sqft.  Minimum SQFT = 10,000.  
Please book 7 – 10 days in advance.

Google Street View + NCTech iStar Pulsar

Have you ever wanted to call the Google Street View Car to update your street?

Having up-to-date imagery that accurately portrays your business on Google Maps is critical.  Whether it’s a vendor using Google to find you or a customer getting a first impression — we have you covered with the NCTech iStar Pulsar.   We can correct signage when businesses change, add roads for new development and update unsatisfactory street level imagery.  Launching October 2018.  Now taking inquiries.

Do you want Google Maps users to take an inside tour?

Enhance your business listing with a walkthrough tour that viewers can find directly from Google!  Our tours are powered by 3D vision technology powered by Matterport — providing the most accurate, rich walkthrough tours in the industry.  Plus, our Google Street View Trusted packages include a free Matterport 3D tour to use on your website!

Quick Facts:

  • Professional ‘Big Data’ capture
  • Precision GPS positioning
  • 7 Frames per second 
  • 11k (60.5 megapixel) 360 Panoramic Imagery

Matterport and Google Street View Solutions

We provide solutions that are used by other professionals in our industry.

Enhance Matterport Spaces with a mini map, photo filters, directories and Google Analytics integration.  Matterport SDK powered!

WP Matterport Shortcode

Embed Matterport spaces and galleries in WordPress that open in a distraction-free overlay.  It’s how we do it here 🙂

Google Street View Shortcode

Embed Google Street View tours in WordPress with a start thumbnail and a click to start overlay.

Matterport SDK Development

If your company needs Matterport SDK development, let’s talk! (please do check out first!)

Send an Email

Matterport SDK Debugger

An open-source demo and debugger of the Matterport SDK with an interactive console that shows SDK calls and return data.

Need a little bit of help with publishing to Google Street View?  We moderate as well as enhance existing spaces.