Professional Photography and 3D Tours
for Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Serving the Greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex - Houston - San Antonio & Beyond

3D Walkthrough Tours

Matterport 3D and GeoCV tours with walk through & printable floorplans.
Now offering Zillow Home3D.

HDR Photography

Magazine quality photography for Realtors, Home Builders, Apartment Management and Retail.

Aerial 2D + 3D Imaging

FAA Licensed & Insured for capture of stunning aerial photography, videography and 3D Modeling.

Google Street View

Business walkthroughs and car mounted capture for updating and creating new routes on Google Maps.


Photography and 3D Reality Capture Solutions for Marketing and Documentation

Apartment Communities

We have served over 200 Multi-Family apartments communities for publically and privately owned management companies since 2006. 

Realtors, Builders & Home Owners

We love working with Realtors and Home Builders to provide magazine quality photos for websites and the MLS along with aerial photos and 3D Tours

Retail, Venues and Hospitality

Interactive media and professional imagery to for marketing on Google and websites plus documentation services for event planning,

Cultural Spaces & Public Facilities

3D Reality Capture of public spaces for marketing, education, planning, archival and historic preservation.

Commercial Real Estate

Marketing and documentation for portfolio management with 3D interior / exterior capture by drone, 3D cameras and photography.

Engineering & Construction

3D Laser Scanning for creation of CAD and BIM assets using the Leica BLK 360 laser scanner and Matterport Showcase platform.

GeoCV 3D Tours

GeoCV is a premium 3D tour that combines bright, vibrant imagery with advanced features such as aerial 3D model integration, 3D mini maps, custom HTML annotations and the ability to securely self host, password protect and customize imagery.

GeoCV  is an excellent choice for companies that wish to self-host and white label their own content for online and offline viewing.

We are now offering GeoCV Tours for $0.15/sqft

  • Aerial 3D (Small) – $249.99 / Up to 5 Acres
  • Aerial 3D (Large) – $399.99 / Up to 20 Acres
  • Aerial Panoramas – $19.95 / ea
  • Password Protection / Self Hosting – $99.95
  • Annual Hosting – $12.95 / ea
GeoCV tours can also be used to create amazing high resolution images that are perfect for the MLS and look professionally edited.  

Matterport 3D Spaces are interactive 3D virtual tours that feature an immersive walkthrough and an 3D dollhouse and floor plan view.  

Matterport Spaces are widely used to promote residential real estate by Realtors, Home Builders and Multi-Family Apartment Management.

Matterport True3D technology is the best way to create a Google Street View “inside” tour as it has unmatched accuracy for the positioning of panoramic images with direct publishing to Google.

Matterport 3D scans are perfect for documentation and creation of CAD / BIM assets as well as generation of 2D Snapshot imagery.

We have created over 2,500 Matterport Spaces and Metroplex360 founder, Chris Hickman, was recognized by Matterport with a Service Partner of the Year nomination and Community Leader Award in February 2018.

Survey-GRADE laser capture

For capturing large outside areas, vast industrial spaces and impossible spaces, we offer Survey-Grade laser capture services powered by the BLK360 by Leica Geosystems.

The BLK360 has a measuring radius 60 meters and accuracy of 6mm at 10 meters and is capable of full 3D capture of tall, large warehouses or external areas.  While similar to Matterport, the BLK360 is an industry grade capture device that provides BIM and CAD assets along with Matterport Showcases for visualization.  Sometimes we just use it to make our Matterport Spaces look better! 

Aerial 2d & 3d Services

Aerial photography is a stunning addition to a residential, commercial or multi-family marketing piece that captures the size, location and character of the land surrounding a property.

Drone 3D Capture is the solution for 3D Capture of large outdoor spaces for documentation and surveying without a ground-level panoramic walkthrough. We capture 3D models with massive detail and large image datasets for asset management.  Learn More >

We are registered and licensed by the FAA and insured.

Google Street View

What do people see when they discover your business on Google?

Make a first impression on Google Maps with up-to-date imagery that accurately portrays your business.  We provide street-level map updates as well as interior business walkthrough tours.


Roads created from our imagery!

Inside Tour

Matterport Pro-2
3D Positioning


iStar Pulsar Car Mount
GPS Based Capture

Facts About our Pulsar Device:

  • Professional ‘Big Data’ capture
  • Automated GPS-based capture
  • 11k (60.5 megapixel) 360 Panoramic Imagery
  • Creates new roads on Google Maps
  • Creation of Private Maps for documentation during development and reconstruction.

Software & Cloud Services

We provide solutions that support other professionals in our industry.


An overlay for Matterport Showcase that adds a mini map, photo filters and a Mattertag directory among other new features.

WP Matterport Shortcode

Embed Matterport spaces and galleries in WordPress that open in a distraction-free overlay. As seen on our site!

WP Google Street View

Embed Google Street View tours in WordPress with a start thumbnail that opens in a distraction-free overlay.  Just like Matterport.

Why Metroplex360 Reality Capture Services?

We’re a small group of hard working individuals that are focused on delivering quality work at fair, sustainable prices to our customers.

We are sensitive to the quality of our work, our clients’ schedules, and the impact of our products.

We work with many Realtors, Multi-Family Apartment Management companies as well as throwing on the team jersey for numerous agencies and representing their brands.

Chris Hickman and Hayley Davidson
Partners / Metroplex360 RCS